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Darren L. Huntley


McHenry, IL, US

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Darren L. Huntley

I am tired__.
Not from a lack of sleep
But something much more deep.
I try and try
And left wondering why.
The life I had
No matter how sad.
Was all I knew
And now it is all through.
I look for a reason
To see the next season.
All out of hope
I dream, but nope.
These dreams are real
For someone else will steal.
For those that care
I canít stand to bare.
The pain they will feel
In time it will heal.
As I lay at home
My thoughts are my own.
My strength is my cat
To hard to part with that.
One day he will die
And I will again wonder why.
Without him there is just strive
He is my life.
I know he will go
The loss of my soul.
I wish I could explain
The depths of my pain.
Just know that I tried
But already I died.
There is but a shell
Going through everyday hell.
Time to sleep
Try not to weep.
I am tired__