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Annette Hunter


Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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A Helping Hand


Annette Hunter

Helping others should be made
Compulsory, regardless of shade.
White helping black and black helping white,
There is really no need to fight.

If everyone today had their very own wish,
They would not want people to be selfish.
Helping others plays an important part,
Done out of the goodness of the heart.

It is better to give than to receive,
And helping each other is the same, I believe.
Giving help should be a delight,
Done out of goodness and not out of spite.

Helping others means you care,
Helping others means being there.
From early morning 'til late at night,
For someone who is having a hard fight.

Helping others means listening a lot,
To what is wrong and what is not.
Helping others showing them the right way,
Is useful to them in life every day.