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Warren Hunter


Cambridge, MA, US

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Rhapsody's Dance


Warren Hunter

The stairs crept slowly higher, leading to her room
A barren lifeless retreat, a harbor for her gloom
Yet it wasn’t fiery regret that tapped upon her door
But the chill kiss of shadows, invading her stormy moor
They yearned for a spirit, they wished to be whole
Yet all that they found, was a lonely fractured soul

Rhapsody glared at the unblemished cross
Yet again its reprieve only mocking her loss
A promise of eternity to tempt her shame
A holy confession to absolve her blame
She accepted the glory he sought to manifest
And nailed him to a cross on which he could rest

Rapture never told her, her love was just a game
Designed to see her through, a single searing flame
Her endless quest for passion was now a vital need
Crimson nails revealed, Rapture began to bleed
Surely viscous Rapture could bring her to the crest
But parted lips of ecstasy sought her perfect breast

She thought her vibrant voice echoed like a dream
But Rapture only heard a breathless, ardent scream
If only could she lead, her life by simple lust
Then never would she need, Rapture’s fragile trust
A tender broken kiss, release to make her whole
The shadows now just mist, fleeing from her soul

Rhapsody was weeping, the tears slid down her breast
Dancing with the blood of Rapture’s final test
The dance was never finished; for Rapture’s final cry
Had lead her to believe, the price was much too high
The flames crept slowly higher, the ashes did she save
To spread amongst the anguish, that marks his bitter grave