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Cincinnati, OH, US

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when will daddy be home?


The Hummingbird

for hollywood's next
 blockbusting script

a dying lieutenant-captain
  dmitry kolesnikov

   'i am writing blind.
it's 13:15.

 a l l person nel from
sections 6ix,7even,& 8

             have moved to section 9.
there are twenty-three people here.
   we have made the decision
none of us can escape."
   [we will open bids
 for the book
 upon the finding of this note
   [and rights to film
 will open bid
 at 3,293,421,530 rubles
    118,000,000 dollars)

             ...whichever best
                affords these lives.

  his teary wife of not a year
and no child says-
'he's a lovely man.
 i want to see him again
and [read the book]'

                                america looks on
                           and wonders
                         'when can we see the movie?'

(the producers say)
just as soon as bidding opens.

(the children ask)
              when will daddy be home?

(their mothers cry)
              soon, children. soon.
just as soon as we raise these men.