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Michael Cecil Hughes


Mayfield, KY, US

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A Hero


Michael Cecil Hughes

What is a hero?, some people might say,
One who saves lives or takes away pain,
One who gives of himself, places others above,
His own earthly needs and does it for love,
What is a hero?, other people might say,
One who extends his hand, one that saves the day,
One who's heart foes out to reach those in need,
No matter what the cost to perform this selfless deed,
But what is a hero?, to this I will say,
It is my Lord and Savior, to whom I pray,
Jesus is my hero, for he has saved my soul,
With his death on calvary, this was his heavenly goal,
So with this thought, I can say, your a hero to me,
For in you, my Savior Jesus, this do I see,
His lve and his grace pour from you for mankind,
And this is what our lord's word said, would be a sign,
Of the ones who love him.

The No-Name Poem


Michael Cecil Hughes

Ah were looking for someone who thinks he's a bad man,
They say he's hidding somewhere out there in Afganistan,
He's got his head buried deep down in some cave,
And if you ask my opinion, he's not very brave,
So I guess he will find out what he don't understand,
He messed with the wrong people and he messed with the wrong land,
You see he tried to test America, tried to bring her down,
He snuck his evil into this country without hardly making a sound,
And after the dust had settled and he'd seen what he had done,
He and his buddies sat around laughing and having fun,
But I guess that's all over with, nothing left to do,
But give him a little taste of that red, white, and blue,
Oh it's so sad, the news that I heard,
How you were on the run like a frightened cattle herd,
Bombs falling all around your towel bound head,
It'd be better news if you were just dead,
But for now I guess I'll have to sit back and relax,
And watch the Daisy Cutter bombs break your back,
Oh it might have to happen later than soon,
But one thing you can count on, this is your doom,
It might be in the desert, It might be in your head,
But if you ask the American people, they just want you dead,
And in my humble opinion of what I think should be,
Hung by the neck, until you are dead, in some Afgany tree.