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Kim Hughes


Gillingham, England, UK

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just one more touch


Kim Hughes

Please god, just one more touch,
A smell of his hair or a kiss on the cheek,
Please god just let me here him speak,
Just three little words, do I ask too much?

Please god just let him call my name,
To play the playstation or change the game,
Please god, just one little hug,
The tiniest little cuddle, lighter than a bug,

Please god am I asking too much,
Please, I beg you, just one more touch.

i love you baby


Kim Hughes

You were such a big character,
In a body unable to grow,
You touched the hearts of many,
And made the laughter flow,
with your spiky hair and glasses,
such a cute little kid,
but the pain and suffering,
was something your smile hid.
When your legs stopped working,
It was wheels that you had,
And me you loved the most,
Because I was your mum, and your dad.
I had kisses and cuddles galore,
But me being greedy, I still wanted more,
I never thought id lose you,
Because youíve been that sick before,
But your dear little body just couldnít take no more,
You made me the person I am,
And you made my heart whole,
You done your task, you got your wings, and you left your soul,
So here I am today baby, to say goodbye,
And to tell you I love you loads,
And to tell you this isnít the end of our journey,
But just one of the roads.

How i feel


Kim Hughes

I wish I was understood more,
And people knew how I felt,
I didnít pick this life; itís just what I was dealt,
Everybodyís different; no two people are the same,
Lifeís not like a book, nor is it a game,
Belief is what you believe in, something to respect,
Belief is in your heart, something to protect,
I look fine to your face, but crumpling in my heart,
My voice fine to your ear, but the pain I fear,
I miss him so much, please just one more touch.