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Claire Hughes


Shoshone, ID, US

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Big People, Little Doors 1985 12 yrs old


Claire Hughes

Big people, little doors
Dark room, bright walls
Confusion and mystery
No future no history.

No sense, no nonsense
No happy, no sad
Walk careful but run fast,
Face your problems but run from your past.

Life alone but death together
People's faces without souls,
Hearts of gold but lumps of coal.

Blue skies with grey clouds,
Dark days and bright nights.

Move away but come closer
Love me but leave me alone
I want you but go away
Hurt me but be careful
correct me, don't scold me
I know what I am doing, please guide me,
Be yourself but abide by me.

Day but night.
Dark but bright.

Big people,Little doors



Claire Hughes

What is in a name? Listen to it...Neola? Or not, Neola May? Definately not, Snookie? Describe it.

Bitchy, abrupt, arrogant, mean. Childlike and small diapered in dreams of how it should be. Young, innocent, world wise, mature. Big hearted, frightened, always improving, never listening, always learning.

Self assured but so insecure,memory evoking and laughter filled, waiting, wanting,willing, wishing. Old souled, but remade. Never positive but always adamnent. A child with children trying to act the adult,convincing all audiences.

Recipient of my torture, able to love unconditionally. Theif of many clothes, giver of much more. My nemesis, my role model. Ai-Ai-Ai Boom and all considered, my favorite afro haired playmate.

Artistic and flowing faerie elephant. Milk man made black sheep. The daughter of bovines, traded for puppies and wagons. Still here. Still my enemy, still the source of my jelousy.

Mums little angel, Dads little ass ache. Well loved, loving well. She made it through her childhood with no physical cuts,bruises, or scars. I gave her mental ones. She still loves.

Snookie is toy stealing, anger inducing, Jelousy causing, Laughter inducing, speach mutalateing, life sustaining Sister-Hood. Of horseless headmen, ephelumps, pee-wees and spongelike believeing came a gorgeous Personality.

Thank you for allowing me to experience your childs enterence into our lives. Thank you for giving and allowing me to take. Thank you for still loving me after all things considered. Don't think I 'll say it again.
Your still my little brat sister. And I don't handle humility well.

Snookie is , bitchy, snotty, assumeing, arrogant, giving, loving, trying, take that both ways, smart, artistic, glowing and goofy.

In one word? So hard to decide. Conflicting? Always. Confusing, Always. Frusterateing, Most definately. Above all she is unconditional

My Sister.