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Ana Huffstetler


Andrews AFB, MD, US

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In Line for a Roller Coaster


Ana Huffstetler

Step by Step
Second by Second
My heart is about to run out of gas.
I clinch on my jacket for dear life
as we get a little closer and closer.
Only seven more people, six, now five
and I hope that I can stay alive
through all the thrilling moments that come
and now my fingers are turning numb.
Ilook in front only three to go
and why is this line going so slow.
The sound of happy screams only feet away
make me pace back and forth and nervously sway.
Oh my goodness, can this really be the one in front happens to be me!
The lights now dim, the engines die down on al is left is me and my frown.
Two men approach and in their eyes are glares they say I'm sorry but we're closed for repairs.