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Shane Hrenko


Kent, OH, US

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life of laundry


Shane Hrenko

The endless life of laundry--
a cycle of nothingness;
a vile void, a plotless story.
Set on spin;
my instincts insist
I've been hung out to dry again.
Pinned up by my shoulders,
backed up against the limbo line.
Moving only with breezes biting, becoming colder.
Torn carelessly from silence,
put into the basket with my peers--
we're all dry and tired, prone to violence.
For my soul has been wrinkled;
past plights bent me out of shape.
I'm stiff, reformed, starchy sarcasm-sprinkled.
Plucked from the chaos, backed against a wall,
Burned, Turned, and Burned some more,
then hung quietly
in a closet society,
after all.