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Michelle Hoyt


Manhattan, KS, US

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The Fight


Michelle Hoyt

He issues
An irrational ultimatum.
She stands up for herself.
He losses
His temper;
Flies into a rage.
She walks toward the front door.
He grabs her shoulder,
Flings her
Into the wall,
Punches her
In the face.
She knees him
In the groin.
He falls
To the floor
With a THUD;
In agonizing pain.
She looks at him
With sadness
In her eyes,
Understanding his torment,
Feeling his inner turmoil
From years of his being abused.
She runs
To the bedroom,
Grabs her favorite rose print dress,
A pair of levis, and two t-shirts;
Puts them in a ratty suitcase.
She pauses.
Removes her wedding rings,
Places them on the night stand beside their bed,
Bolts out
Of the house,
The door behind her.
She gets into the car,
Locks the door
Looks back over her shoulder,
TEARS of relief and anger
Fill her eyes.
She wipes them away.
Apprehension filss her mind
As she guns the engine,
Squeals off down the road
To go back to the house
Filled with so much PAIN,
Terror and Torment.

True Love Was A Rose


Michelle Hoyt

The crimson sun sets over the Flint Hills,
I remember how my heart filled with love for you everytime I gazed into your eyes.
Eyes of Topaz which God gave you in his will,
Dancing in the sun's parting rays, while we said our goodbyes.
For six wonderful years we were together,
Together as on would be;
Through even the stormiest of weather,
My feelings grew deeper each day, to see if was easy.
My heart was a rose.
Its petals opened one by one,
Till one day the buds were open never to close,
It was a rose bush in full bloom, when the job was done.
My heart bloomed with intense and fragrant love for you,
A love that will be forever true.