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May Howell


Monterey, CA, US

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May Howell

blowing wind, whisking up dust.
spattering storms, water makes rust...
cold drops fall down on the earth just like tears
remember times when this sky was all clear?
i smell the wet earth, held still in a haze...
i trace all the clouds; my ideas a maze.
clinging moisture forever to pine trees and flowers...
lightening crashes with frustrated power.
my back aches again, as now it does often.
does this deep, heavy pain of the world never soften?
i feel the breeze tear past my eyes,
howling wildly inconsolable cries.
slashing raindrops lift my hair from my face,
the wind and the rain in an ongoing race.
the wind is so strong, it parches my lips.
i see time rushing by and leaves doing flips.
the grass is now flat and the mountains all shrouded-
messages from thunder are through the air pounded.
the trees dance as though they're in pain,
i tilt my head back and cry to the rain.