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Donald C. Howard, Jr.


University Place, WA, US

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Donald C. Howard, Jr.

Many a Veteran of Foreign War,
Carries the scar of Esprit de Corp.

Air Force - Army - Navy - Marines
Conquering the enemy with any means.

Uniform tattered, ripped and torn
Caused by battle - with pride it's worn.

Standing with a fellow soldier,
Digging in - obeying an order.

Facing the enemy close at hand,
Answering the call for their demand.

Dignity - causes worth fighting for,
Honor - struggling to settle the score.

Each willing to confront the evilest foe,
Surviving the sky, the trenches, the sea below.

These people we will salute for ever more,
Secure in knowing they stand - guarding our door.

The colors of our flag tell their story...
Red for Blood, White for Purity, Blue for Glory.

Their bravery and work will never be done,
This - a truer story has never been spun.