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Edgar Lavoyn Hopper


Sapulpa, OK, US

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The Promise


Edgar Lavoyn Hopper

the days seemed dark and dreary, the promise far from sight
the drudgery of every day, seemed so forever night
we toiled through even simple tasks, they seemed so hard to do
what once was ordinary life, now barely is made through

there was a time when little things got done so easily
and joy was seen at every turn, our time was filled with glee
at every turn we saw the light, the moments seemed so right
but our hearts were heavy laden, and kept out of our sight

and then one day unhappiness, its ugly head did rear
we knew it well but we refused to ever face its fear
it bottled up inside us to the point of overflow
we realized the time was nye, to uncap and let it go

a harder thing weve never done, our lives turn upside down
we opt and choose we win and loose, but to the heart were bound
how sad and frighetned we must be, to walk the path ahead
but step by step the journey made to happiness instead

you see the promise guides us through, to joys weve never known
the light will keep us on the path, and others will be shown
that love is real to both of us, and no-one can defend
against the promise of our love, together to the end

The mansion tumbled


Edgar Lavoyn Hopper

The days seem dark and dreary in the time that lies ahead
for in his heart his mansion built has tumbled down instead
brick by brick the structure rose to heights previously unknown
the power of love his mortar his faith was that alone

he sits in such amazement as it tumbled to the ground
not knowing that the power of love could also bring it down
his heart more filled with joy and love than it had ever been
was now in pieces on the ground only emptiness within

how could the love for his own son bring him so much dismay
and cause the fortress of his heart to fall apart this day
the answer he may never know is searched for high and low
how can it be for love you see had become his mighty foe

in awe he reminices at the building as it grew
how powerful the mortar was with love so strong and new
"it will withstand the test of time" he shouted out with glee
for in his heart he knew his love would lead to victory

how hard he toiled to guard against destruction of his fate
as humans will he err'd at times while opening the gate
however hard he may have fought there is one thing you see
he simply could not overcome and change what was to be

when love fights love the battles rage and he could not defend
against that love that takes the love he knows will never end
the war is lost his son has won the man should be so glad
he took the stand he knew was right twas what he never had

but now he sees the price of war he paid so handsomely
the loss so great the cost so high he pays eternally
for now he sees the love he'd found will never have its way
the mansion that his love had built has tumbled down this day