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Francene Hopkins


Tulsa, OK, US

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Stick Horse


Francene Hopkins

When he was home, hed watch me play
But, I knew when he went away
Hed come home with a pocket of money
And we could write some check

He thought it funny when hed call home
To hear the same request:
"Daddy, buy me a horse!"

A sight to see, my dad and me:
My cowboy boots and kerchief, too
His Khaki blue and steel-toed shoes
Wed go hand in hand
Then, Id ride away on my pretend horse.

My pretend horse was a just stick;
Id gallop along and shoot my guns
And Daddy would call to me
"Ride em Cowgirl! Shoot em up!"

To this day, I can hear him say,
"Now, what would you do with a horse?"

"Id ride and play, and Id scare away
the bad guys in this yard!"

Hed laugh at me, but it was plain to see
I wasnt getting a horse.

In my dreams Id stand real tall
On my bareback horse!
Hed run so fast,
No one could catch
The leader of this gang!

And when Id awake, Id run to see
If Daddy got that horse for me!

War Rages On


Francene Hopkins

War rages deep within my Soul,
With Mystery there to unfold,
A Bomb-Shelled Battleground created
By Outrageous Acts Untold.

Sadly Dreams are weakened
And fade into the night
While Hope refuses to surrender
And rallies for the fight.

Truth is held hostage
By Lies and Hideous Sins
Who hope to crush all Effort
To rescue the Child Within.

Life Blood flows to secret places
Deep within my heart
Carrying tiny footprint traces
And sounds of cries forlorn.

My Heart is wounded;
Blood is spilling;
My eyes stare blankly on
While Bombs illuminate Dark Sectors
To loosen Secrets hold.

Fallacious Reasoning rushes in
Feigning his defense
Of the Child whos barely hanging
To all thats just pretend.

Reality quickly makes his move;
To Truth, he shouts,

But Life Blood rushes through my veins
Carrying deep within my Soul
Secrets lies to which Comfort clings
And refuses to let go.

War rages on.

Black Cloud Overhead


Francene Hopkins

The black cloud overhead
filled with lightning bolts of trouble
is a swirling tornado
that has chosen him to follow.

Lightning strikes the path he chooses
and burns every bridge he crosses.
The tornado wind left traces
of anger upon his face.

Now trouble touches all around him
damaging structures that stood firm
slamming doors that once were open
and twisting friendships forsaken.

He's facing yet another river
and wonders now how he'll cross over.
The bridge he burned still smolders,
and he wonders who will rebuild it.

He sees the black cloud overhead
with its lightning bolts of trouble
hurling its tornado wind toward him
and asks

"Why have you chosen me to follow?"

The black cloud looks down on him
with a menacing, mocking grin
swirling trouble all around him
and says

"That's for you to figure out!"