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Ironic Hope


Townsville, Queensland, Australia

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Ironic Hope

Walking near your grave have you ever knew my heart?
the morning was filled with ashes as the night was filled with art.

Tears stream down my eyes as I remember your sad word
wish you didn't say it, wish I hadn't heard.

alas my hopes are given up, as I wait for you to come,
I can't believe that I could be so stupid, why am I so dumb.

I guess thats love, Its very its true, it makes me realize
how much I love only you.

Its ironic I feel so tortured as you walk by
you never give one wit of a smile no more.
Its my fault, I caused your pain times four.

Why did you choose to love me, why?
I said forgiveness was all I knew but when
the time came I've shown I'm just a hypocrytical fool!

I regret the time I missed that I was with you, but I know
your happy with a love thats true.

So now I can finally be free, but I'll still regret
you not being with me.