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Wilma Hoofard


Aransas Pass, TX, US

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My Heart Breaks When I See You


Wilma Hoofard

Itís hard to watch you fight for every breathe you take,
To know you are dieing daddy just makes my heart quake.

I found all your children so you could make things right,
Your heart was full of pain and contrite.

My whole life you have been theyíre of me,
We have been through a lot together, this Iím sure you will agree.

I watch mother take care you and know the love that she feels for you,
It is hard for her to watch all the pain & fear that you are going through.

I will always be there for you daddy through all we have yet to endure,
I will take care of you until your last breath for that I will ensure.

Mom & me have a lot yet to face with your demise,
But you can bet we will be there when you are ready to say your goodbyes.

I will hold your hand as you take your last breath,
I will not leave your side until you reach heavens gate so donít you fret.

When I see you my heart fills with sadness and fear,
For I know not how long you will still be here.

I have done everything you have ever ask of me,
But the hardest will be when I have to watch my brother (John) set your ashes free.

I will try to be strong for Mom, Micheale, Peggy & John no promises I will make,
For I feel your death will be the hardest for me yet to take.

Love Wilma Hoofard