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Rikki Honnold


Cedar Falls, IA, US

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When the King was Born


Rikki Honnold

Long ago at the start of time
A great KING was born
In a manger
That was tattered and worn
Imagine a king
Who was only a baby
Whose most divine head
Was not able to lay on a treasured silk bed
Imagine a great and wonderous king
Said to save the world
Who laid in a barn
In a manger, without golden rings
Is this fit for a king
Who so divinely laid
On a cross to pay a price
Too difficult
For any other human to have paid
The baby royalty
Laid with animals, cows, and sheep
And the shepards, whose fields they did reap
Came and followed the star
And they journeyed from afar
The wise man
Also came to the sight
To worship a baby
In the middle of the night
Imagine three old men
Who were wise in their days
Who spent their lives learning wisdom
Then suddenly bent down to a baby
And changed all their ways
If you were there
In that long ago night
And angels came to you
In a flash of light
Would you follow them
And bow down to a baby
Or would you run away, maybe
Would you go next to a manger
To stand
And would you reach down to kiss that baby's hand
Or would you laugh and mock
At the shepards who left their flock
If you would run away
Change your heart
And come back and run to the path
That will lead you straight and true
And Jesus, the king, the baby
Will never lead you astray.