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Virginia Honig


Columbia, SC, US

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Virginia Honig

But rain never will wind away,
purple springs lather in power,
will beauty blue void by time?
above the essential diamond,
luscious summers trudge,
blow a languid whisper to the moon.



Virginia Honig

The fallen thoughts,
of a soul once known,
weeps as crystal lights disappear
Into the night they creep
magically spreading their wonders
A space confide as a little box
to a hole as bid as a man
they go searching
for their destiny
as yellow is the sun
gold is their hearts
doing no wrong
for what they love
Keeping at it
they should have
for thety may sink but will not drown.

velling down the path
in an evening of the stars
reading the wonders on their flames
growing upwards towards heaven-

inditing this dream comes through ice
nelling through the thought she lies
in wonder of the gleam
ancient myths tell their tales

how a flower grows