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Lindsey Leann Holt


Robinson, IL, US

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Lindsey Leann Holt

You whisper in my ear at night
And you help to ease my pain
The fear of losing him tonight
Is stabbing all over, like hard beating rain

You pick me up, when I am down
You feel for me, when no one else is around
He walks on me, and puts me down
He kills my heart, that will now never again be found

You shield me through the bad times
You cling to my heart and won't let go
He filled my life with emptiness
He left my tears to overflow

You were with me, always
Never giving up on me
He practically threw me away
And that, he will never see

You understand my life
Because this life, for me, you once gave
He cares for me no more
And still has never forgave

I'll walk through heaven's doors one day
And thank you for what you've done
Because you've showed me I deserve better than him
And even though we've never met, you've still showed me that, for me, he's not the right one