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M Langner Holliman


Waterloo, IA, US

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Eternal Seed


M Langner Holliman

Let it be said that there is life, for those who dare to dream.
For in dreaming, the dreamer is then the creator, whose dream is the eternal seed.
And once the seed is planted, with faith that it will grow.
And given care and nourishment, then time will come to show.
That through belief you have given life, to what once was but a dream.
You will have used the magic that lives within you, magic born of the eternal seed.
Yet still the choice is yours to make, each day of life you live.
Will you dream of life, or will you live your the seed what will you give?

Ice Child


M Langner Holliman

Through walls of ice he looks upon, a world where children play.
Alone and cold, he in silence yearns, to run with them in light of day.
For his world knows only darkness, despair his only friend.
So small and frail, eyes rimmed with tears, he's no one to play with him.
Once he was as the others, till sadly all was changed.
Innocence lost, he hides shivering in fear, so that none may see his shame.
And there he in misery wonders, at the wrongs he must have done.
To be punished so, to no longer have the safety, of mothers arms in which to run.
He feels he is lost forever, silent tears he softly cries.
If only someone would hear, and through warmth of love, free the lonely child of ice.

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The Journey


M Langner Holliman

Through the gates of hell I've traveled, though none may see my scars.
And from those depths, I've raised my head, and gazed upon the stars.
There I saw that light still burned, amidst the darkest night.
I closed my eyes and sought the way, without the gift of sight.
It was that burning journey, which formed my life to be.
Battles won, battles lost, demons I had to see.
No man shall know himself, untill he looks within his soul.
And there confronts the greater truth, whence was made the mold?
For a face looks from the mirror, within the face that shows.
Eternal eyes hold countless lives, and the knowledge each has known.
Powerful is the question, that when asked will turn the key.
Emotions flow, and as a river, will eventually join the sea.

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