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Elizabeth Hofer


Warren, MA, CA

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Elizabeth Hofer

Peace in winter
I have found it in soft falling snow.
In the crunching sounds beneath my feet.
I have found it in the moaning wind.
And in the beautiful, heavenly display,
of northern lights.

Peace in spring
It is in the rhythm of pattering rain.
In the welcoming honk of our Canadian geese.
Itís in white, puffy clouds that fill the blue sky.
And in the warm wind breezing through the trees,
and urging them to bring forth their beauty.

Peace in summer
I find it in the slow swaying of near-ripe grain.
Itís in the soft sound of water slowly lapping the shore.
I walk in it, when I walk through a full blooming flower garden,
Thatís splashed with splendid colors,
displaying the worldís beauty.

Peace in fall
Itís in the sound of combines thrashing in the fields.
I feel it when I smell the smoke filled air.
And when I see the big, orange blazing sun in the sky.
At the end of the day I see it again.
Before it slips beneath the horizon, it dazzles us,
with its magnificent display of colors.

Peace is all around me.
I find it everywhere I go and in everything I do.
I find it because I know and see
All the wonderful things that God has surrounded me with.
And most of all I believe that everything has been put
On this earth for us to enjoy,
and to treasure.

Learning The Hard Way


Elizabeth Hofer

Have you ever given your heart

and felt lucky to have someone who holds it?

But as time went by

that person started letting it go.

It fell, it broke.

Who caught it?

Was there someone there for you?

Did it break suddenly

or did it fall apart slowly?

Then there came a smile.

A little flame of hope.

one you had to look for to see and find.

As it draws closer you see itís him.

The only one you should ever trust to hold your heart.

When you see him once donít ever loose sight of him

He is the one who cares like no one else can.

He can be your one true friend, forever and ever.

His name is Jesus.

Hope Amidst The Darkness


Elizabeth Hofer

(In memory of our two special friends
Taken from us on December 4 2005)

We wait with great anticipation
for your hearts to grace our home
It's been months since we've last
had the chance to meet together here

The awaited time has come and gone
Still no word from you
Is there something wrong we wonder?
Or is it just the waiting

The phone rings
An accident, two fathers gone, forever
Two mothers still inside
fighting for their lives

How will we ever understand?
Gods reason behind all of this
Together we cry for answers
Together we pray and listen

With God there are no accidents
For when he calls home his own
we must trust in him and take his hand
and he will ease the pain and bring hope again