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Jon Pierre Hoefling


Lancaster, CA, US

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Shared Sorrows


Jon Pierre Hoefling

As I sit here in this hell of my own creation,
On the other side of your world;
I watch in shock, as your world comes crumbling down:
Your illusion of safety shattered,
And your innocence taken away by madmen!
'Though I live in another world,
I can still feel your pain.
I may be cast out and forgotten;
Told in the real world: I no longer have a place;
And yet, I still feel in my heart that I belong.
As I see your women and children crying: for the lost,
The dead and dying-I cry too.
'Though we live in different worlds, many miles apart,
My spirit of love and compassion goes out to you
From the bottom of my heart.
I feel your pain, and share your sorrows.
I may be trapped here in this cage, but still, I feel:
becausse it makes me free.
Just remember that even in your life's darkest hours,
If you look to God, He will make the sun to shine through.

Running Away


Jon Pierre Hoefling

I had a dream that I was running;
I ran and ran, but could not get away.
I tried to hide from all the pain inside;
But, I could not hide from the light.

I was finally caught, and I tried to fight,
Although I knew that I could not win!
I think, in a way, I wanted the pain
So deserved by my sin, again and again.

I have so much a story to tell;
My shame and my grief are so great
That the tears, they fall like rain.
I could not find the words to express my sorrow,
Or a reason that I did not belong in hell.

I know the story from long ago,
That the wages of sin is death;
And yet, I would choose to live my own way
Until my very last breath!

But no matter how hard I tried not to care,
Or to make it all just go away;
I thank you, God, that you were always there,
No matter how far that I strayed!

Perfect In My Place


Jon Pierre Hoefling

When you are a child of God.
Satan will try to tell you that you are not good enough.
The gift is too precious and costly to be free;
That is a lie that the devil will try.
Don't let someone that is lost try to tell you the way:
Turn to the true path of the righteousness of God,
Find Jesus today.

Once I was lost in darkness,
But God sent His only Son, Jesus, to be a beacon of light.
If only you walk in His shadow,
Then you'll be living right.
I am not perfect like Christ,
But God sees me perfect, through His sacrifice.

I may not be the perfect child of God,
But I surely am willing to try.
Such a precious thing I must be in the eyes of my Creator,
That He would send His own Son to die!
How can I not love Him with everything I am,
With all the love that I have inside?
I want only to love Jesus
As I learn more each moment that passes,
To be more like the Savior of man.

Satan says I'm not good enough,
And that God just couldn't understand;
But God knew that I could not do it alone.
that is why He sent His only Son, Jesus,
To live and die as a man.
Jesus lived in the same world,
And was tempted in like manner as we are,
And yet, He knew no sin.
And yet, for our sins, He paid the only acceptable price!
God knew that I could never be perfect:
That's why Jesus was Perfect In My Place.

Paid In Full, Paid In Blood


Jon Pierre Hoefling

Have you trusted Jesus to save you?
He's the only one that can!
He is the only way to salvation,
A part of God's perfect plan.

God's word says to "Put your trust in Him,
and not your confidence in man."
He doesn't ask me to be perfect first,
But come to Him just as I am.

Behold He stands at the door and knocks,
and only you can let Him in!
Open the door, and open your heart,
And He'll forgive you of all your sin.

He paid the price when His blood for us was shed
Upon that cruel cross.
He gave his life of His own free will
To save and secure that which was lost.
I would be so much ashamed not to accept
Such a precious gift!
Especially after having considered the cost-

Salvation, such a precious thing:
It cannot be bouhgt or sold!
Jesus has already paid the price in full,
He paid it with His Blood!

Tomorrow Will Be


Jon Pierre Hoefling

Tomorrow will be what it will be,
And it cannot change today.
Live each day as if it were your very last,
And don't let the past get in your way.

The past can become a wall that we would put between us
In hopes that we could keep out those that would feed on our pain.
But in building walls around us, we would also keep out those that would help us to know love again.

The future is a road never before taken,
That can lead us to a new destination.
Don't let the mistakes along the way in life
Become your walls;
Let them be your lessons.

Don't dwell on where you've already been,
Or let yourself become trapped in where you are.
Always remember to keep your hopes and dreams alive.
With each new day,there comes a chance for you
To make your tomorrow just a little better!
Remember the rainbow's promise after the passing storm.

Trust in God when all else has failed;
Let Him be the one that you cling to.
If you'll only just lean on Him, you'll be amazed
At the blessings He has in store for you!
When the trials in life seem more than you can bear,
Call on your Heavenly Father.
He will never leave, nor forsake you.
In the worst of times, in the best of times,
He will always be there.