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Sandy Ho


Weston, MA, US

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Ice cream Sundae


Sandy Ho

Funny and shallow I may seem,
Get to know me better
and you shall soon see,
The serious understanding side of Sandy.
Beneath the layers,
you'll have yet to look,
flip the darn pages of the book.
Turns out I'm but a faker,
For the deeper you trek, the more I'll be
the opposite of my look.
I have deceived you for the better,
C'mon be a seeker,
dig down and deeper.
Poke around,
Prod if need be
for sensitivity
awaits, sequestered for safety.
Where only few have dared to venture,
like those dreaded mines
little light shines,
for it's not a commonly attempted adventure.
Many know the cherry I am on top,
yet the chocolate fudge,
works its way down
to where it'll always be snug.
Where the real taste,
has at last,
truly been found.

The Unbreakable Me


Sandy Ho

I watch in agony as the branch bends under the force,
Winds howling.
I watch in pain as the branch fights,
Efforts to no avail.
I watch in tears,
The branch floats helplessly away,
Upon invisible waves.
Yet the tree still stands without sway.
I'm like the tree,
The unbreakable me.



Sandy Ho

I thread the intricate words,
through, over and under.
Each sentence a thread,
each page a new square of fabric,
a finished chapter is another piece of the quilt.
I am a weaver,
of books.
My fingers guide the pencil-needle across,
through, over and under.

Beginning, climax and ending,
Happily ever after.
I am complete,
full, vivid, erupting with wonders,
and now,
I sit.
Here upon the shelf piling dust.
With each added layer,
I become more