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Stephanie Hitchcock


Des Moines, IA, US

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Reversed Hate


Stephanie Hitchcock

Liar, Liar
I want to set you on fire.
No real reason,
Just because.
Perhaps it's the season,
Perhaps it's not.
Go away if you're here,
Come back if you're not.
I just want to confuse you.
Help, he's been shot!
Are you confused?
I sure as hell am.
Our bodies are used.
You should be damned!
Maybe you think you're God.
However, I can't.
You are everyone and no one.
Hey, let's dance.

Mood Swings


Stephanie Hitchcock

Have you ever felt the hatred,
That builds up deep inside?
You don't know where it came from,
and there is no place to hide.

You know there is no reason.
It only grows and grows.
You just feel the hatred,
From you head down to your toes.

And then something happens.
You learn to laugh again.
The whole world is your playground,
And everyone's your friend.

It's like a roller coaster.
You have your ups and downs.
Your expression ever changing,
From a smile to a frown.