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Daniel Hiss


Troy, NY, US

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Daniel Hiss

Do I love thee?
Must I sell me?
Temptations circle
What do they tell me?

Musky flavor
Entrenched in mind
Hourglass figures
Dance in my eye.

Am I faithful?
Am I lonely?

The dream is over
Have I awoken?
I wait no more
Your heart left broken.

I cannot chance
You mean too much
Bear to honey
I love you such.



Daniel Hiss

You are my comfort
You are my friend,
In the garden of nurture
Our friendship you tend.

You are my sin
You are my fire,
Volcanos are rising
Erupting desire.

You are my balance
You are my Ying,
When life becomes muddled
Order you bring.

You are my love
You are my dream,
At night you're the actress
My mind is your screen.