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Tobi Hirsch


Medford, NY, US

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From Now Until...


Tobi Hirsch

A quick moving
Summer rain shower
Sent just to cleanse the land
And purify our souls
A race car rip-roaring past
Too fast to see any definition
Hummingbirdís wings
Flying too rapidly
For the human eye
to comprehend
So come the moments
That are gone,
Almost as fast as they come
They go tick-tocking by
Here, but for just
A very short time
a fleeting memory
But Alas,
The burden is ours
To significantly fill
each and every moment
From now until_

Rose Colored Sin


Tobi Hirsch

He is always there
Taunting and seducing us
With His dark, evil ways
He promises us
All our earthly desires
He claims we can have it
Without any effort
He preys on our human failings
Our laziness and lack of conviction
Our greed to steal what we desire
Our selfishness to please
Only ourselves
He shows us visions
Of life as pure bliss
His seduction is almost
Too much to resist
For humans are frail
And weak little things
This is a battle that
We humans must face
With almost every decision
We are forced to make
He sits on our shoulders
And whispers sweet nothings
Beguilingly into our ears
He softly hisses to us
"All of your dreamsssssssss
I will make come truuuuuuue!"
He promises us
Our lives will be full

But the ultimate decision
Is finally ours
For we were given
The Gift of Free Will
By The One,
He so enviously deplores
In all His glorious wisdom
The One gave us Free Will
With absolute faith
That our love for Him
Will make us choose pure
The choice is ours
To believe or ignore
Those enticing sweet nothings
That are full of lure!
But my fellow humans
Remember this_
The actions we take
We can never rescind,
So please,
Donít ever give in
To His rose colored sin!