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Dana Hirsch


Philadelphia, PA, US

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The Night Entertainers


Dana Hirsch

The black almost ebony night
Moody though it was
Shouted warnings of danger oncoming
For it was not unusual that the boys or men
Stalked empty streets for what they thought
Was adventure.

Letting off steam meant harm or death
To the pedestrians hurrying, strolling
Minding their lives, no one else's
But yet this is not cared for by the street stalkers
They gain pleasure that which has never
In probablility been theirs in other youthful times.

Adventurous ventures where they do not have
To apologize to themselves
But rather accomplish their fifteen minutes
Of feigned perhaps not as those who bomb buildings
Or assassinate presidents of the United States
Or those who rid zoos of animals
No, these adventurous stalkers whether they be
Teenagers or adults choke lore to kill take lives
Away from the average or rich to somehow
Enhance their security pushing farther and farther
Away their insecurity.
Still, hoping, wishing, that they might be noticed.

Yes, the night's black almost ebony sky
Whose eyes are hidden observes quietly
In horrer the adventures of these dark, masked stalkers.