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Chira Monique Hines


Ruther Glen, VA, US

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Cry Away


Chira Monique Hines

Cry away the tears of pain
Tear away the guilt
Tears fall like a flood of rain
What was built
Now must fall
At my beconing call
Down with the icy wall

Cry away the tears of shame
Melt away the grime
What was tame
Now must blow away with time

Cry away the tears of jubilation
Fill your heart with happiness
What was an abomination
Now is pure bliss
With your kiss
Like a comforting blanket of lovely mist
Let us join together
Our love reigns forever.

The Storm


Chira Monique Hines

Walking through this storm has been hard
I've cried, screamed, and wondered why
It feels as if I've traveled this road alone thus far
Tripping and stumbling over blocks in my path

The storm has beat me senseless
My soul cold and bitter
My life seems like so much mess
No warmth anywhere

Wind knocks me down
Yet I sum how get up
I feel someone's at my back now
And I don't wanna know who

But a warm hand touches my me
I look around and you are there
"Why did you think you were alone? I was with see?"
Your warm smile spreads throughout my soul

The storm is almost over now
I feel like I can always go on
With you at my side, I won't bow down
Your love lights me down my path