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Mark Hilton


Ipswich, England, UK

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Excessive Medicating Disorder


Mark Hilton

You thought you had a problem
You came to have a chat,
But there’s no need for talk sir,
We have a pill for that.

You said our medication
Had only made things worse
To your original problem,
You have another curse.

You had no need to worry
We treated that one too
We had a new injection
That we put into you

You soon became frustrated
And hitting your friends too
We had no other option
We had to section you

We took away your liberty
We put you on a ward.
Monitored all your actions,
and noted every word.

Despite you protestations
We found another drug
Then set you free from hospital
with another bug

You developed diabetes,
A well known side effect
You thought we’d hold our hands up
What did you expect?

Your aggression became quite serious
You ended up in court
You blamed our medication
Our support for you was naught.

What is our diagnosis?
We can’t think... what’s the word?
You say we’ve messed your life up
That’s just quite absurd.

Come off your medication
You ask a course for that,
But we decline your request
What choice do you think you have?