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Robert Hills


Rockport, TX, US

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What Have I Missed ?


Robert Hills

I missed your first cry; A newborn brought to light.
I missed a mother's sigh at such a cherished sight.
I missed the first steps taken with reaching arms flung wide.
I missed your love, am shaken with a father's longing pride.
I missed the brightened smile when you discovered something new.
I missed my chance to hold a while a childhood thought of you.
I missed the first words shouted, for I was never there.
I missed the lips that pouted and never stroked your gleaming hair.

I missed your wonderment of seeking in childhood's day
I missed brown eyes peeking in imagination's play.
I missed the first dress worn and the new ribbon bright.
I missed my chance, do morn at that backward mental sight.
I missed the needing when first love's rejection came.
I missed the seeding growth towards life's learning game.
I missed a daughter's arms when she was very sad.
I missed a father's talk I never ever had.

I missed the lifelong years of thoughtful sharing.
I missed the flowing tears of deeply caring.
I missed the strife and the upward shoring.
I missed a life and its skyward roaring.
I missed the knowledge that you were ever born.
Now I hope I'll miss a daughters scorn.

A Change In Thought


Robert Hills

Before there was a reason,
There had to be a thought.
Before the thought can season,
There had to be a change,
To bring about a reason
To think a changing thought.

There must be a reason
To change a seasoned thought.
By having a thoughtful reason,
Pure thought never shames.
So change what you reason
And question a change in thought.

Love And Sex


Robert Hills

In that eternal book given from above,
Past down from timeless ages.
To guide and move us with a gentle shove;
Put to text by scribes and wise old sages.

All the knowledge in life we need know,
But never was the thought left for us
And no where did it show,
That love and sex are synonymous.

Yet standing apart, they are the same.
But separate or joined, they become one.
Love is not sex and sex is not tame;
Love is abiding with the Immortal Son.

The Rivers Of Time


Robert Hills

I feel a tugging at heart-strings chord when viewing the rushing rivers of time.
Flowing forward to the reaper's sword, expended days will never again be mine.
What has been lost from life's long dream? How much has been left and never found?
How may I capture the sights unseen, if the waters of time are never bound?

Time flows forward and won't stand still, not for the many or few.
It matters not a person's skill; lost time will never renew.
Maintain your life and let it grow, for we know what the waters bring.
The waterflood surges and will not slow, so let your substance sing.