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James A. Hill


Murray, UT, US

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Angels Hands


James A. Hill

I sit here and look at hands so frail,
On a child so sick, so weak and pale.
I wonder if they will clap or play in the sand
Then a still small voice says, "These are Angel hands".

My Soul fills with love and my eyes with tears
My heart now is not heavy, nor burdened with fears.
My eyes look again at this babe with heavenly ties,
I see only Angel hands there before my eyes.

My heart fills with love, and heavenly light,
This child of God will win this fight.
My mind starts to wonder when her hands touched his,
My heart answers this question, "Every moment she is".

My mind asks the question seeing her feet,
When did she walk with God, when did she kneel at his feet?
Again my heart answers, and the answer is clear,
"She walks with him always, he will always be near".

My soul hears these answers and the message is clear,
"Ease your mind my son there is nothing to fear".
Tears fill my eyes and roll off my cheek
As I look at this baby so precious and meek.

I sit and I ponder these spiritual things
I look at this child and the love that she brings.
I no longer wonder of her Heavenly bands,
The lord let me know "She is always in Angels hands".

Now I feel Gods love deep in my soul,
I know that this child will make our family whole.
She came from our Father in Heaven this is so clear,
Her Angel hands are Gods gift to us here.