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Sherene J. Higley


American Fork, UT, US

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A Wish


Sherene J. Higley

Give me wings to fly with,
Give me a dream to dream,
Give me hopes again to hope for,
Give me a song to sing.

For life is much too short,
And dreams, they seem all gone,
Our hope is quickly dying,
And love is just a song.

So help your children learn to fly,
And let them dream their dreams,
Help them learn to hope again,
And give them songs to sing.

For in this life pain and strife,
Our children need to dream,
In dreams they find a way to hope,
And peace enough to sing.



Sherene J. Higley

The Innocence of youth,
the power of a dream,
the simple joy in playing,
the laughter of a stream.

Growing up together,
playing side by side,
helping one another,
learning not to hide.

trusting one another,
friendship not withstanding,
you will be my brother,
for time--