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Christina Hidalgo


Miami, FL, US

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Christina Hidalgo

Lost in a land with no identity
My mind is an endless peril
I am nothing, nothing without you
life's a puzzle and your my only clue
your breath is life to my dead existence
but you keep feeding me this never ending resistance
why should I continue on feeling wrong
when I know your come around to make me strong
You keep feeding me your lies
Making everything seem alright
but deep down beneath the truth
there's nothing for me with you, your action are proof
But you keep saying the things I need to hear
the only lies that clear my tears
You are the best thing that I have ever known
But as each day passes I have grown
Grown to now the difference between us both
Life's a game show and your my host
So now its time to say goodbye
Our time is over I'm through with your lies.