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Kelsey Hicks


Twisp, WA, US

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Kelsey Hicks

Sometimes my dreams are lost,
and sometimes my memories fade.

Sometimes my hopes are shattered,
and sometimes they slip away.

Sometimes the cold seeps in,
and my soal is trapped inside.

Sometimes it feels lost,
and sometimes it can not hide.

Sometimes my voice is silenced,
in sorrow and in shame.

Sometimes my heart is drowned,
in all its hurt and pain.

Sometimes my eyes are covered,
to other peoples needs.

Sometimes my ears are shut,
to other peoples screams.

Sometimes I see God's light,
and it shows me what to do.

Sometimes I feel God's might,
and it helps my heart be true.

It Hurts


Kelsey Hicks

It hurts to be laughed at to your face.

To be excluded for age or race.

To be tolled youíre to big, to small, or to slow.

To be made fun of, for what you donít know.

To be picked last, or not at all.

To be the one to get the prank call.

To have your hopes crushed on a whim,
then swept back up and crushed again.

It hurts to be ridiculed for speaking your mind.

Or to be treated badly,
though youíre really quite kind.

But you can rise above peoples nasty little games.
Of making fun, and calling names.

For your body, mind and power,
which over them already does tower,
Can break free from their torturous chain,
and rise above their deceitful vain.

I Have


Kelsey Hicks

Sometimes it seems my hopes are blow to the wind.
I give life my all, and trip in the end.

Iíve loved with my heart,
and seen love looking back.

But when I glance away, that love starts to slack.

I have seen sorrow that would chill the soul.
Sorrow I hope that I never shall know.

Within I have anger, loath, and sin.
Things I could beat, but sometimes they win.

I feel fear, and terror, and worry.
Sometimes they hit me with all of their furry

But I also have friends to help me through.

And most of all, God,
I have you.