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Lora Hibbett


Hilliard, OH, US

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Will I Ever See You Again


Lora Hibbett

Will I ever see you again my love?
A thousand years would be worth the wait,
Will you still feel the same my love?
I hope that it's not to late,
Though miles have kept us apart,
The memories you gave me still beat in my heart,
Though time has gone and years passed by,
My love for you has never died,
For once unafraid I can let my intuition lead the way,
Because the love we waited for will seem like yesterday,
But if I shall never meet you again only leaving a memory,
My heart is an anchor tied to you,
That will never drift out to sea,
And if I must test fate and the bond between us dies,
I will not let sorrow hurt me and not one tear will I cry,
Because I still believe even now,
That we shall meet again somewhere my love,
Someday, somehow.

Untill The End Of Time


Lora Hibbett

I hope to find you someday my love,
wherever you might be,
my best friend, soulmate,companion
the only one for me.
If it takes forever to find you my love,
untill the end of time,
just remember I won't give up and will wait
till you are mine.
When seasons change and the red spring
roses turn brown,
they must wait untill the summer sun
comes out from her frown,
and when the catipillar goes into her deep sleep,
she must wait a long while before
she emerges with new wings.
So if I could wish on some bright star,
to guide me to the faraway place where you are,
I believe neither time nor fate,
would let our destiny die too late.
Someday we shall meet my love,
however old and grey with years gone by,
I will still look for you my love,
if it takes untill the end of time.