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Jerry Heughins


Menomonie, WI, US

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The Search


Jerry Heughins

In a mystical forest where all reason has abandoned me, I race in search, in search of that one thing that my mind whispers to me about. There are no stars to guide me, only the whispers that beg me to go deeper yet into the chaotic wilds unfolding before me. I hear the animals, but I see them not. They hide from me as if in fear. I look up and see this glowing dragon. So large. So aw inspiring.
This wise creature lands beside me and gives to me his ruby eye. "Go!" he says
As fast as he arrived he vanished with blue and purple sparckles to mark his departure.
Pitch black the forest becomes, and fear seezes me to its entirety " Why should I even try?"
Then I hear the dragon in my mind," If you don't you'll die."
So I venture on into the darkness stummbling over and over again."Further." says the dragon.
I dare myself to take the next step as if it would be my last, loosing my balance I fall and roll down this seemingly endless hill hitting rock after rock. Bleeding and pleaing for death to to find me, and it found me not. At the hills bottom stood a long haired shaman with a long staff in hand. " Give me the dragons eye stone" he says in a meek sort of tone. Then I ask him,"Can you give me a clue in tade for the dragons shiny eye stone?"
"Further yet"he insisted.
I gave hime the eye then continued on thinking this won't end until I die or give up and lie.
Temptation was at its greatest then and lie I did for a short moment. The dragon then appeared and in his anger for my defiance, belched a ring of fire surrounding me in a trap of a most disaggreeable death. " Die now or walk through the flame!" he commanded. And walk I did ever so slowly through enormous, excrussiating pain. Mere discomfort was a joke to me then. Reaching the other side I observed myself to be burned so horribly burned was I then.
The chaotic wilds unfolding before me grew stronger in there oposition against me as did the pain, yet forward was my path. As I walked I sensed the hunters that lived by the law of tooth and claw.
Stalking me in packs, sometimes I heard them fighting each other, ravaged by the hunger. My sent driving them into that instictual madness and frenzy.
Then as suddon as a lightning flash came the ambush. I stood my ground and shut my eyes, to the powers that be did I send my cries. The law of tooth and claw was broken that day by some unseen mystical and magical way.
The wolves came to me with the eyes of a truce and led me on my way. With them I shared my secrets dark as night, filthy as decayed blood, they ate them and excreted them leaving them behind me. I felt lighter,I could run faster and soon I ran as one of them.
Running amongst them in a field of flowers under fast moving black clouds of someone elses alotted time.
And behold there was a cliff. Like lemmings committing mass suiside we ran off the cliff. Only to find we ran in the air like Santa's reindeer. Slowly we desended into Cibla, one of the seven cities of gold. Once a bedtime story now as real as reality had rearanged its self to be. Yet no one was there to be seen. I then sat down and began to cry, asking over and over "Why? Why? Why? Did I not just lie down and die?"
I heard an angelic voice reply"Because then you wouldn't have met me."