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Joshua Hernandez


New York, NY, US

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Joshua Hernandez

Never in my dreamz I thought i'd be with you ,your alwayz on my mind I will Always love you ,when I close my eyes i still see ya face I wish this was real but i know im just dreaming , it feels so real itz unbelivable when i wake up alone in my bed with you styll not here. Im gonna wait to be with you my love i dont wanna do u wrong but i will do wrong with out ya love I say ur my angel cuz i belive u took me 2 heaven i wish u never left i wish u never went away cvz i really need u tonight i need u with me , when it gets all quiet at night i styll hear ya voice , ur da 1st and last thing on my mind each and everyday theres this hole in my heart thats reserved for ya touch danm why dose love hurt so much im not sure wat love is or wat itz all about but shyt baby itz killing me tryna find all out therez lotz of thingz i did in da past that when i look at it now i feel like an ass baby when u left me i swore i wazz gonna die and even though we had just bugun!
i started 2 cry i thought hearing ya voice once a day wazz all i need 2 get by today .When we talked i had a moment of clarity i felt so pure and strong but when da phone hung up i got confused and weak loving you wasnt an easy thing but im glad i tried cuz then i wouldnt be wit u today I Love You