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Paul Jason Hernandez


Bryn Mawr, PA, US

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I Never Should Have Said Goodbye


Paul Jason Hernandez

On sleepless nights I only cry
A love is gone amidst its height
I never should have said good-bye

During our night with tearful eye
Unbound passion conquers right
On sleepless nights I only cry

When thinking back I often sigh
Our love unequaled glimmered bright
I never should have said good-bye

Again alone I wonder why
Unspoken words ignited fright
On sleepless nights I only cry

A lifeless spring my heart runs dry
My darkened soul as cold as night
I never should have said good-bye

I lie and wait until I die
Till we rejoin beyond the light
On sleepless nights I only cry
I never should have said good-bye

The Tastykake Guy


Paul Jason Hernandez

He is just an average guy,
who makes his living selling pies
He smiles so sweet as I come by,
as if he knows I wish he was mine

We met so simply there at the store,
yet everytime I see him I just want more

I wonder if he will ever say
lets get together and have coffe one day,

I guess I wish for more then I would dare
just maybe he will make a move to show he cares,

so if you see this my Tastykake guy
there is a girl who wishes you would say more then HI

Brown Eyes


Paul Jason Hernandez

I always wonder what’s behind those eyes
An invitation or a subtle goodbye
When we are alone, I have nothing to say
When divine Brown eyes are looking my way

She’ll give me a glance, followed with a smile
And leave me speechless, for quite awhile
What’s behind those eyes, what have I found
A wolf in sheep’s clothing, or the other way around

In the lions’ den together that night
I could feel her eyes give a gentle bite
Like a starved lion on a hapless prey
Those brown eyes always have their way

A symphony of grace the night we met
An everlasting dream I can never forget
Will I ever know what is behind those eyes
The heart of a lion or like me she cries