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Henry Herman


Washington, DC, US

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I drink


Henry Herman

I drink from empty waters.
They cannot quench my thirst.
But I drown within your empty lies,
and can't tell which is worse.

The Truth


Henry Herman

Pain reminds us we're alive.
Love reminds us why.

Last Night


Henry Herman

Last night, I dreamed a wonderful dream...
a dream like none before.
I dreamt that we had met for the first time
in the middle of a dance floor.
The house lights slowly dimmed down,
the tempo quieted by the band.
A slow song brought our eyes together,
as we danced hand in hand.
It felt so good, and it felt so right.
Your hand in mine. I held it tight.
I wished that nothing would end that night,
but it was just a dream.

Last night, I dreamt a beautiful dream...
a dream like none before.
I dreamt that we were walking down
an empty moonlit shore.
The waves were rushing by our feet,
with seagulls in the sky.
The wind was blowing through your hair,
with moonlight in your eyes.

I turned to you and laid a gentle kiss upon your lips.
You smiled at me and left me floating
in eternal bliss.

I never knew I could feel this way,
but it was no more than a dream of you.
But I believe in miracles,
and making dreams come true.



Henry Herman

I depreciate your evil ways.
I depreciate your lies.
I depreciate your wicked thoughts,
but I'd appreciate your thighs.