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Alasdair Henry


Birmingham, England, UK

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Alasdair Henry

Queen Margo she's frightfully lonely,
she sheds her tears in the cellar sink,
she lives inside an ancient wardrobe,
and she paints her toenails pink.

Her fella he's Oscar Wilding,
he's always wrestling around,
else he's tripping over pavements
or punching a love sick clown.

Now theres Arthur he's in prison,for six months and a day,
for throwing bricks at pagans,
one night in Cardif Bay.

Whilst Raymond Dexter Thomas, a barister and shrink,
is cutting down the curtains, to let the toughts pour in.
Outside a precious image,
of industria versatile, a million wailing voices of some carbon dated denial.

Headlining clown


Alasdair Henry

You can see the blind man walking,
he's on his way over to you,
passing through the doorway, he sings some crazy tune:

"Move through,
move away cos I is a commin through,
move out of ya gardens and throw your rubbish too!"

He passed his way through smartly,
though he did'nt stop to say
'Howya doin officer,
good night good noon or good day'

The officer he went all red and rasped a little word,
uttering of something,
well it sounded pretty absurd:

Damn you!
What has it all come to,
insulted by a blind man, a british citizen too'

The blind man he stayed motionless,
he did'nt even mutter a prayer,
would have not done any good wit the situation in there.

Moving himself round so slight,
he said in one long sound
'I aint no British citizen,
i'm just a simple circus clown

'I must have been mistaken,
from the english man from Leeds,
who tryed to join the circus and succeeded over me'

'So let me go now officer,
I got to call my town,
and let the circus send for,
thier only headlinin clown'.

Bedroom Mortality


Alasdair Henry

I feel embraced and warm again as I do.
A feeling of eternal wanting necesity entwines my body and soul as my motivation to exist
is quelled with velevt wrap
and purring silk bliss.

My sight is two dimensional no matter cos it's not my concern.
Like everything now it's redundandant and obselete of meaning
since since my meanings are the roses over which I must melt until I decipate entirley
through lack of any drama

Ali Henry 23.4.01