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Jessi Henry


Dalhart, TX, US

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The Black Blanket


Jessi Henry

It is a beautiful September night.
I am sitting here on the porch swing,
Gazing up at the bright, glowing stars
Amazingly placed onto the pitch black blanket in the sky.
Your beautiful face suddenly appears before my eyes,
Gazing ever so lovingly back at me.
I continue to sit, and wonder aloud,
My thoughts hundreds of miles away with you,
Have I made the right decision?
Leaving all that could have been.
Is it over?
Or is it just beginning?
Is this a sign?
I do not know.
I love you, and I now know that you love me too.
And tonight, as I continue to sit and wonder,
I know that you are also gazing
Up at the same bright, glowing stars,
That are placed in the same pitch black blanket in the sky.
With the same wonder in your heart, that is in mine.
So as I continue to sit and gaze,
At the beautiful face in the sky.
It begins to slowly fade away.
So I get off the swing and go inside.
But every night i sit on that swing.
Gazing up at the shining stars, that are still glowing.
Waiting, cause I know that is all I can do now, is wait,
To let time and fate decide what is meant to be.
And wonder, if I will once again see
That beautiful face of yours gazing back at me.
Because once I do, then I will know
That our love, so strong,
Is meant to be.