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Crystal Henkel


Camrose, AB, CA

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Death Penalty


Crystal Henkel

Twelve years here death prolonged.
She sat in her cell or watched television
While waiting for her own death.
She was without all Hope to live and to be free,
Until I cam and gave her the Hop of Justice.
I saw into her pale blue eyes into her new Soul;
She was not the same person that killed.
I knew at that moment she does not deserve to die.
Thirty days to prove it.

I was sent to help him as well,
In these same thirty days.
While in jail he wrote a twisted best seller;
The public loved him.
When he spoke his vice was full of pride for his savage crimes.
In his scarlet blood thirsting eyes to his empty Soul,
There was an insane man waiting to murder again.
All I could ask my self is
"Why must I help this man?"

It’s and election year,
They had to choose between them;
A man who still has a thirst for blood in his veins,
And has learned nothing but politics.
Then there is a changed woman; doesn’t eve remember killing.
Her punishment has been for many years, mainly with guilt.
Politics took its toll and chose him;
So they could gain more votes
With the minority population.

She was transferred to the other prison.
She couldn’t take the sentimental things with her
For here last 48 hours.
They told her to put the blue uniform on
And said they would make her comfortable; alone and caged.
I stayed with her hoping for the call.
Outsiders protested for her death. "Thou shalt not kill."
What happened to forgiveness?
"Do unto others as you would have don to you!"

They took her away it was time.
There was a stage with a big screen window to watch her die.
As she laid in there in a dress not the blue uniform,
I saw fear yet relief in her pale blue eyes.
Second before they turned on the silent legal killer,
The phone rang new trial to be given,
But politics took its toll again.
Her death prolonged 12 minutes, it was the final dance.
I thought about politics, Justice and Religion
In the real world
As I watched a changed woman die

Hows it going to be ....... Whne we leave


Crystal Henkel

Your mysterious eyes looking at me
Always ending in a smile.
The games we loved to play.
Always taking turns.
Eleven O’clock you called.
Always-sweet nothings in my ear.
Persuasive and smooth lines
Always ending in the bedroom.
The softest and gentlest touches
Always with eyes and lips.
Lying each others bed so many times
Always complete trust?
No both of us are leaving
Only for a few months
Pretended it meant nothing
Better to hate than the pain
Said no stings a attached,
Really there are ropes in knots.
He said we’d keep in touch
I said see you in September
The question in our heads
How’s it going to be when we leave?

awaiting shadows


Crystal Henkel

Sleep has deserted me;
Fear has taken its place.
Unknown faces follow my every move.
Eyes are watching for my aloneness.
Shadows await to attack.
The sun does not exist in this world.
Darkness has taken away my haven.
Strength and Courage are lost in the darkness.
The hands of Hope have left me,
Now I live in Terrors hands.
Uncertainty of my future overwhelms me.
What have I done for a life like this?
Only the criminal mind knows.



Crystal Henkel