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East Bridgewater, MA, US

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I often wonder does
Anyone really care!
To set me up for a dare?
I stand alone in the corner!
Away from everyone hidden,
Away each and everyday!
From Sunday to Monday,
I stand alone in my corner,
Hidden away from the world!




I Dream about you, every day that passes that we are not togerther, my heart aches to be with you to have your arms around me as soft as a feather. Thinking about you when we are togerther, and when we apart. When we apart there is nothing that I can do. All I can do is think of you, how I feel when I'm with you with your arms holding me tight.So happy that I think am i died and gone to heaven? Must be that I've died and gone to heaven this ray of sunshine name is devon. With baby blue eyes that sparkle as if the stars are in his eyes. I awake with a start and realize all that was just a dream.