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The Office



The Office is bleak, the office is bare, something is missing it just isn't there.

Is it the person that sits on the phone? or is it Lizze who sits all alone?

I really don't know, and I cannot see even though it's in front of me.

The thing that is missing what can it be? A plant, a chair? Oh I know it's me!

I am missing from the office so bare, thats my plant, dying and thats my chair.

But whay am I missing? can't everyone see, here I am here I am coo ee!

People stare as if I'm not there, in this office so bleak and it's walls so bare.

And then I remember the 4th of June, a bright sunny day and a big Shiny Moon.

A man in his car too much to drink, behind the wheel he didn't even think.

That is why something is missing it just isn't there, it's me I'm dead, and he didn't even care...




Here I sit, do you even know I exist?
You are my inspiration, but you look through me as if I wasn't there.
The way I feel you'll never know, not even if you take me to a picture show.

I tried to make you see, theres more to me than meets the eye.
But now I fear you must be blind, because you cannot see just how much you mean to me.

Your face smiles down at me from a picture that tells a thousand stories all of them about your many girls, but not about the one that got away.

The sun beats down, and I sit and stare,
and wonder why you're never there
to hold me when I'm blue and lonely and feel the world is against me.

I wish I could see you everyday to tell you how you make me feel. But you don't even see me through the roar in the street.

I feel so solitary sad and alone, when I know you are so far away,a nd i'm to scared to pick up the phone just to hear your voice.

and now it's dark and I'm sat here, wondering why you're near yet so far away from me.

The thought of you is hard to bear, especially when I'm lying there all sad an lonely and all I can think of is you.

Why do you make me feel this way I guess I'll never know.
But what I'm really trying to say is. I love you so.

The Bogeyman



His Hair is Dark, His eyes are black, his skin is green. The Bogeyman.

He comes from a place, far, far away to where no children ever stray. The Bogeyman.

His face is scowling from all that howling. The Bogeyman.

He speaks in a strange tounge and his tounge it's oh so long. The Bogeyman.

His arms are long and oh so hairy, it is obvious he could never be a fairy. The Bogeyman.

And it is this fact sad but true. That has made our dear friend The Bogeyman so blue.

He wanted to be a fairy you see, shimmering shining and bright. he didn't want to scare little children each night. The Bogeyman.

Along came a child, mild mannered and polite. Who had heard about out Bogeymans plight.

But this was no ordinary child you see, he was a magician who granted wishes one two three!

The boy rubbed his hands with glee, when our friend. The Bogeyman, he did see.

'Oh Bogeyman hello sir,' he cried, taking the big green monster quite by surprise.

The Bogeyman he fell right over, and rolled and rolled through some four leaf clover.

He came to a stop right at the bottom, in the middle of some foul smelling flotsam.

He banged his hands down in a strop and covered himself in the stinky slop.

This of course made matters worse, so he stood up, and began to swear and curse.

Then he spotted the boy standing there, with his little round glasses, and dirty blonde hair.

'Who are you, and why do you stare?' The Bogeyman asked, putting on his gruffest air.

'Please sir my name is Dan, and you must be the bogeyman,'

'Bogeyman is my name,' he replied, 'but sadly, that is not what I am inside.'

'Well sir I have come to help to change you from Bogeyman... to elf!'

'FAIRY FAIRY' the Bogeyman cried, waving his hairy arms up to the sky.

'Can't anyone see!' he cried 'I'd rather be a fairy, than hairy and green'

'I think you're great' ventured the boy Dan, who would grow up to be a handsome man.

The Bogeyman waved his arms for a while, and then brought them down to earth with a smile.

And as he did he struck something cold, he looked down and saw it was glittering gold!

'A key!' he cried and held it aloft and suddenly wondered why he was still sat in the slop.

'The key to your dreams,' said the boy Dan, looking wondrously at the Bogeyman.

'What do you mean?' the Bogeyman said, and dropped the key right on his head.

Then he looked down with awe, and realised he was stood on a great big door!

The Bogeyman, lay down in the slop, and tried to fit the key in the lock.

The key it fit straight in the lock. The Bogeyman sat back into the flot.

Behind the door there was a box. and on this box there was a note it read.

Those seeking to be a fiary, must be green and very hairy.

'The key to your dreams' Dan cried, knowing full well what was inside.

And as The Bogeyman opened the box, dan cried, 'alakazoom, alakasnot, make The Bogeyman what he is not!'

Whent he Bogeyman opened his eyes, he was in for a big surprise, for no longer was he big and hairy, Dan had granted his wish, and he was a fairy!