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Love for the Needy



Alone, again, in her own misery
left to die
in a room full of friends
left to perish
in place known as fear
her own family doesnít care
they think she should
her friends ignore her
she gives them all she gots
ignored, rejected
left behind
her family members thinking and saying she should love them
but they havenít been loving her
the way real love should be
she waits, hoping to be found by true love
to be known
to be remembered
to be grand
she wants to love
and to be loved
or she will die
her soul slowly deminishes
one peice at a time
pain that breaks all matter apart
the pain that throws everything off balance
pain that can only be healed with love
love from a man that actually cares
not false love
true love
unfailling love
love that will last for an eternity and then some
she needs this love
in order to survive
this girl needs it
and she needs it soon
very soon
her soul is quickly failing her body
her spirit is being repeatidly broken
forever lost
never really knowing her place
Never really knowing who to turn to
friends betraying her
she begins to not care
not care about it all
her friends...
her body...
her soul...
her life
she doesnít care that she is dying
a very slow and painful death
and she doesn't care
will anyone
anyone at all
come and save her
from her own pain?
will anyone give her the love that she needs?




These visions of mine wont leave
they stay with me at all times
they are filled with blood
filled with hate
filled with the desire to destroy
the lust for pain
The lust for satifactory among the elders
filled with rape
filled with dark images
dark wings flow over my skin
resting upon my back
resting for the worst
wanting to be free
wanting to be alive again
the need to live the life of good
these visions wont leave me
These visions
filled with murder
filled with violence
never cease
they haunt my mind
my eyes shift
realizing that it will be true
always telling the truth
forever being real
visions of the dead
coming back
once more living among us
being one of us
but still not breathing the breathe of life
still the undead
visions of life
bright light glowing
light from above
forever constant
showing life to all who might need it
the giver of life
from above
showing off his mighty works
saying one thing
but doing another
visions of darkness
from below
the place for the dead
forever living in a mass of heat
forever dead
forever not breathing
untill one day
they will raise
taking full power of the earth
visions of the destruction
blood on the walls
women being raped
men held as slaves
visions of what it to come
scare me
they haunt me
I now begin to shake
the demons taking over yet again
here they come
the visions...