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Looking At Me



In search to find the real me,
I look into the mirror,
And this is what I see.

A girl with long brown hair,
This is no surprise.

But here is what happens,
When I look into my own eyes.

I search through my soul.
I then begin to cry.

Those blue eyes of mine,
So dark,so deep.
When I looked into them
I started to fall down a hill
That was horrifyingly steep.

As I look into my soul,
Brokeness is what I see.
I am torn apart,
Is this the real me?

Is this the way I live?
Is this how I will stay?
I must get out of this,
There has to be a way.

I am empty,
No emotions inside.
All of mine are acted out,
The brokeness I hide.

Though I hide it so well,
There is one person that can see.
That one person has been through
So much more than me.

This person knows how it feels
To slowly fall apart.
To have no emotions,
To have no heart.