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Heathr Heath


Centreville, VA, US

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Heathr Heath

I flow for you,
This rhyme backed by GODs' might
I'm chillin in this place
Invisioning you tonight.
I am you, you are me
And we are HE,
Don't you see, Baby?
Don't you know
I come correct,
With much respect
I stand my ground for you
Do you know who,
I try to represent?
The one who makes this broken world content
And allows me to vent
My weary faith for you through pen.
Flows caught by paper
Being a true caper
Robbing dictionaries, visionaries of their prose
Unless you are me,
No one knows
How I'm trying to escape, break, and make
This world right?
So we can be
Just you and me,
Glorify HIS name
For all that we have gained,
Stand on HIS front line
And through word try to shine.
Together we will fight
End this strife,
No more tears tonight.
Today stop being wrong
And tommorrow, together, be right.