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Green Heart


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Kanu's Kite


Green Heart

Kanu's Kite for a moment hides the face of sun,

Then drifts away with glittering colours,

As if to wake the lazy clouds asleep

Then swiftly rises up to stare in dismay ----

Flight of the falcons without a flip of the wings.

As the dreams flow past the tender fingers up the strings,

The kite floats into the fairy lands of Kanu's dream

Kanu's kite watches through an eye of dreams,

In its flight of freedom the caravan & bedwins

As it scatters the golden rays of sun,

Bubbles of light & the fairy queen.

Its the mind in its innocence when peeps past the red clouds;

To catch a glance of Incas & their city of gold

Suddenly a snap and nothing is there,

As if it was always vacuum.

Through a drop of tear the eyes catches a glance-

The string flows in the air loose----- a floating thin line.

Kanu's kite gets smaller and atlast a dot before disappearing in the evening air,

Coming month the rain pours down ----- the kite stuck on a terrace nail,

Drop by drop sheds all colours.

All that remains is just a stick & bits of paper,

Lost in a crowd of forgotten dreams ---- Kanu's Kite



Green Heart

You, like a sleepy mountain asleep behind the cover of clouds

Like a dream which makes me smile in my sleep,

Like a wind touching me from behind,

But when I turn around its all mist & emptiness.

Yes you, a dream I have been searching for ages,

You the reason for life, you the search after death,

You the consciousness I gain in every new life,

You the beauty which covers these eyes in the midst of nature,

You whose thoughts keeps me warm in the loneliest nights

You couldn’t ever make it to these arms, you couldn’t ever go away from this heart.

You the invisible tears of a man, you the smile of success, you the grief of failure.

Theres no pain in loving you, theres no blood in the wound inflicted by your sword

You think you are my god? You are not.

God is a conscious feeling , but you are on every road I cross, where god cannot reach.

Words are words probably love doesn’t exist in the words

My soul probably has something which had never changed

It has been always been.

Some words are so sacred that this voice couldn’t ever say.

But in every age you never understood what is silence.

Woman is a word made for you, just you, especially for you.