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Crushed Heart


Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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I'll Miss You


Crushed Heart

I love you guys with all my heart
But piece by piece my heart being destroyed
It won't be long before it dwindles into nothingness
Just a dark empty hole in my chest
And then all the love I feel for you
All the respect, concern, care and every other emotion being a friend involves
All that will disappear forever
For once a heart is lost it cannot be replaced
And I could not bear to live without you
So that is why I have to do this now
While I still treasure your friendship more than anything
While I still can
I know it may hurt but you will get through it
Cause you are strong
That's what everyone says about me but it's not true and never has been
I guess this proves it
It may be "letting them win"
But the way I feel it's not much of a prize
Life isn't the way it's supposed to be
It hasn't been for a long time
And it's too late now to change that
Some advice to you all:
Don't keep things bottled up
I know you've heard it before, but it is so true
Cry when you need to, laugh when you need to, scream when you need to
And don't be afraid to ask for a hug!
Seek comfort from each other
Share what you feel
Please try to forgive me for this
Or at least to understand
It may be taking the "easy way out"
But I've tried the hard way over and over
In so many ways but it's never got me anywhere
I don't know what else to do
There is nothing left to do
Except to say goodbye.



Crushed Heart

I feel the tears burning my eyes
My lips begin to tremble like the rest of me
My heart is racing -
I'm lonely, I'm confused, I'm scared
So I turn to you...

The one who's always been there
Providing the love and support I need
The one who's never too busy to talk
The closest to a mother I've ever had
I need you now more than ever
I can't deal with this by myself
So I turn to you...

I'm not asking for a miracle cure
For the pain that's choking my heart
I know that there is none
But I still need somebody
So I turn to you...

What I want is simple - a warm, gentle hug,
Some soft, calming words, a reassuring smile
So I turn to you...

And I look into your eyes -
Searching -
For the comfort I once found there
But now I see no care or compassion
Reflecting back from within
Now all that is visible beneath the lashes
Is emptiness, and deep, sharp coldness
It hurts

How can you distance yourself from someone so quickly?
How can you change the way you feel towards me so recklessly?
How can you just shut me out?
I turned to you...

But you weren't there
Perhaps you never were and I was just too blind to notice
Maybe this is what it took to show me how one-sided it all was

Because I would have always been here for you
I would never turn you away like you did to me
Even now I still can't help caring for you
And I always will, no matter how much you've hurt me
You can turn to me...

If it was too hard for you to deal with
Just imagine what hell it is for me
All you had to do was tell me, I could've handled that
But instead you just tossed me aside
Refusing to acknowledge me or that I'd ever existed
I turned to you...

...and you turned away

This Is How We Feel


Crushed Heart

Why won't the guilt stop,
The emptiness, isolation and pain?
Why can't I stop thinking about you,
Over and over again?

Each time I close my sad blue eyes,
I see your face and feel your touch.
And then it's like I'm reliving that night -
Just let me be. I've had enough.

You ripped my innocence from me,
And replaced it with fear and shame.
And though I hate to admit it,
I know I'll never be the same.

I don't blame you - it's me I hate,
More than you could ever know.
And whenever I think of what you did,
The darkness continues to grow.

I would say I feel small and alone,
But hey - YOU'RE always there.
The worst thing is you've destroyed my life,
And you don't even care.

Unwelcome Guest


Crushed Heart

There is but days remaining,
Until the sun will disappear,
Beyond the horizon one last time,
Thus begins the New Year.

Within hours the world is ready,
Daily lives have come to a pause,
Eagerly awaiting that special moment,
Forgetting poverty, famine and wars.

It's the end of the year and the decade,
The century and millenium too,
But as everyone shares in the love and joy,
All I can think of is you.

So while others are wishing good fortune,
And best of luck for the road ahead,
Celebrating future prospects and dreams,
Without fear, hurt, pain or dread.

I feel no such hope or peace,
On this once-in-a-lifetime night,
Because I cannot wipe the image of you,
Or the thoughts invading my mind.

You've taken this time from me tonight,
Every single minute,
And every New Year for the rest of my life,
I'm stuck with having you in it.