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Ryan G Hayward


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Enchanted Journey To ThunderHurst


Ryan G Hayward

I'll let you wonder why I'll rather tango with dead Jane
and dance the waltz with the sweet and deceased Mary
Their cold blackened skin contrast with sweet red champagne
I and my followers, we make a toast to you and other ordinaries

Peer into the my lightly green faded eyes
Now can you feel the silence and hear my words?
And as you visualize a monster that easily horrifies
Wonder how it was spawned, inside a boy innocently absurd

Well darling, I just love all my sweet, dead, lovely friends
I flew out the window, my old style's by seeds that couldn't sow
I got so sick of it all, I could no longer pretend
I figure, I'll now inhabit your dreams, watch your river flow

Now don't try to awaken, these buckets are to do you good
I'm gonna empty your river of all your impurities
Of course I will do upon others too, I reluctantly withstood
as they enraged my inner demon, caused hurricanes from a breeze

I'm gonna dry you up until your skin hardens and crack
and leave your body in the glaring sun to decay
Your soul will then take flight over grey gothic hues
of what used to be you, just only yesterday

Realization of how inhumanity influenced your mind
Now you're released, you'll feel a breathe of freedom
Come over here so our souls can finally bind
We are now as one, our love to share, less troublesome

We're now the centre of gothic and honest attention
as we waltz and tango amongst our newly discovered kind
You'll become the queen of ThunderHurst with those fluent motions
To be married to I, the king of souls that wish to unwind